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First Choice Brokers LA

is the one stop shop where buyers and sellers of home health cares and hospices meet. We pride ourselves on creating a trusting and transparent environment where in our sellers and buyers feel comfortable knowing that they are in good hands.

First Choice Brokers LA was created to bridge the gap between the sellers and buyers. Often, there is a lot of second guessing on how a transaction takes place during a sale. As we all know trust is an important factor here for each party hence, we make it easier for the sellers and buyers to be at ease as we go through a rigorous sign-up method.

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Sell-Side Representation

Strategic Consulting


Why choose us?

We do it all and have it all. We have the hospices and home health inventory, and we also do all the paperwork making sure that each transaction goes smoothly. We pride ourselves in our end-to-end solutions making sure that the buyers and the seller will be provided with the ample documentation required.

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