How We Can Help

Sell-Side Representation

As a seller it is vital that you are prepared to enter the marketplace. This preparation will allow you to be ready to present your agency to seasoned buyers and investor buyers alike. The key is to be one step ahead of the buyer by having your house in order. We will guide you through the documents and systems that you should have in place which will make the initial seller – buyer meetings much more productive.

Strategic Consulting

Selling your business requires creating creative strategies to showcase why your business is so special and why the buyer should choose you and not another listing. When creating your strategy, it is imperative that you are flexible and dynamic. What this implies is knowing your product and with time understanding your Buyer and their unique needs.


Is this for buyers? If so → As a buyer you need to be mindful on what business entity you are buying, understanding the market and the operations of the potential business acquisition will be vital. Your biggest obstacle will be to understand the product (agency/business) that you most want to acquire, to include conducting a thorough due diligence to ensure that the business entity has the licensing and infrastructure in place that is in line with what the seller has advertised.